10 Days of Commitment, Teamwork & Giving

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NAC has created an online fundraising platform where all donations will be collected and tracked.  If you choose to make a personal donation page, you will be able to login to track your donations that you have collected and communicate with your friends and family directly about this campaign.


During the 10 Days of Commitment, Teamwork and Giving event we are asking all of our members to reach out to their network of friends, family and businesses to help NAC through this challenging time. NAC is a non-profit organization and all donations are tax deductible.

Event Dates
October 1-10, 2020

Fundraising Goal
Team-Wide Goal = $80,000

We have made a TEAM-WIDE GOAL of raising $80,000 during this fundraiser. This amount is based upon the loss from both our 2020 long course meets that were all cancelled, as well as the potential cancellation of some of our 2020-21 short course meets.

We have broken up this team-wide goal into individual goals for each family/swimmer to raise as follows:

Competitive Team = $350/family
Masters & Tri = $175/athlete
Alumni = $250/family
PreComp & SwimFit = $100/family


“What Does NAC Mean To Me?” Video Contest

In the time leading up to this event, we will be collecting videos from the NAC competitive team athletes. Videos should answer the question “What does NAC mean to me?” and can be done with as much creativity as you see fit. The videos will be featured during the fundraising event from Oct 1-10 and will be voted on during that week. At the end of the 10 days, we will have one winning video that will be announced and the winner will receive 1 full year of free training fees! In order to submit your video you will need to email it to john@swimnac.com by September 30, 2020.

Setup Your Personal Fundraising Page to Collect Donations

The best way to raise the most money for the team is to set up your own personal fundraising page through our online giving platform. The process is simple and there is an online tutorial if you need help. Setting up your personal page will allow you to create your own personal goal of how much you want to raise, as well as send out emails to your family and friends, linking them to your individual page, so that your donations can be tracked there. You may also include your photo and/or a story of why you swim for NAC and what impact this club has had on your life on your personal page. These personal pages will be a great way to get the message out about our campaign from your own unique perspective.

Monthly Giving

NAC members who have a payment account setup with us can give their personal contribution monthly by requesting to be billed these funds. For the Competitive Team Families, if they commit to giving $60 per month, they will reach their goal of raising over $350 for the team. You must make your request by filling out the online commitment form by September 25th. The billing will start on October 1, 2020 and go through March 1, 2020. While the goal for Competitive Team families is $350 per family, you may choose to give whatever amount you can on a monthly basis.

Company Matches

Many companies have a donor matching program where employees who donate to an organization of their choice can fill out a request for their company to match their donation. These company matches typically need to be initiated by the employee through their business and will require proof of the donation, plus necessary non-profit status documentation from NAC to process your request. Please reach out to Ashley Blackburn at admin@swimnac.com if you need more information from us to process your company match.

Local Business & Corporate Donations

Many area businesses and corporations frequently donate or give grants to local nonprofits. The NAC Board and staff have been inquiring with some of the larger corporations in the area already. If you have connections with a local business, corporation or foundation that has a donation or grant request program, please reach out to Ashley Blackburn at admin@swimnac.com so that we can work together to make a request for NAC.

Fundraiser Event Home Page
Create Personal Fundraising Page
Setup Monthly Giving Option