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NAC Competitive Team


The NAC Competitive Team’s philosophy focuses on long-term athlete development, which allows for gradual development of swimmers in the early stages, and adaptation as they progress — developing character traits to help them reach a higher level of athletic excellence. The program fosters self-improvement, personal growth, and goal achievement through a multi-phase process. Competition helps develop their natural abilities and pushes their teammates to do the same. Values such as hard work, self-discipline and perseverance create a culture of motivated, positive athletes and team success. 

Why NAC?


NAC is a year round competitive swim program that has been operating in the Middle Tennessee area since 1975. The team is comprised of seven practice groups ranging from the entry-level swimmer to the Olympic Trial qualifier. Nashville Aquatic Club aims to develop the character, skills, and desire necessary for each child to maximize his or her potential. Through swimming, we aim to develop physical fitness, self-discipline, and self-esteem, which will assist children in maximizing their personal, intellectual, and athletic potential.


NAC recognizes that each of our swimmers must learn good stroke technique at every stage of their development. We believe that swimming correctly needs to be taught before athletes move on to training. We also find that swimmers who learn better stroke technique, will inherently swim faster and smarter races.


The NAC competitive team philosophy is on long-term athlete development which allows for gradual development of athletes in the early stages, and adaptation as they progress, developing character traits to help them to reach a higher level of athletic excellence. The competitive team fosters self-improvement and goal achievement. Competition is a positive way for individuals to fully develop their natural abilities and push their teammates to do the same. With that, values such as hard work, self-discipline and perseverance create a culture of positive athletes and team success. Competition in swim meets and in practice is an opportunity to evaluate personal progress and improving technique and abilities.

NAC is a competitive swim team that aims to provide our athletes with the tools they need to successfully develop and refine their competitive swimming skills. We hope to provide an avenue for positive results and an atmosphere to achieve success and excellence. Excellence in this sense is achieved when each swimmer knows that they have done their utmost to become the best swimmer they are capable of becoming.

Competitive Team Phases

Age Group (12 & Under)

Discovery Phase

The Discovery phase aims towards beginner to intermediate swimmers to experience the fun and excitement in swimming. Practice groups are geared toward learning the basic swimming fundamentals. Swimmers are taught to be focused and proud of individual and team accomplishments.


Green Group

White Group


Theme: Fun, Fundamentals

Team Skills: Focused, Proud

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Imagination Phase

The Imagination phase is to guide the mind of intermediate to advanced swimmers. At this stage in their swimming career, the focus is to become tough and committed athletes to the program. They are beginning to learn and understand more about goal setting and the competitive process which helps swimmers take their swimming to the next level.


Red Group

Blue Group


Theme: Goal-Setting, Competition Team

Skills: Tough, Committed

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Preparation Phase

The Preparation phase is geared toward the advanced swimmers as they achieve their highest level of swimming potential. This phase encompasses the four team skills of being a focused, tough, committed, and proud athlete.



Senior 1

Senior 2

Senior 3


Theme: Achieving to the level that their talent and desire will allow

Team Skills: Focused, Tough, Committed, Proud

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Competitive Team

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