It is important that my child learn to swim…

What are the benefits of swimming?

NAC recognizes that swimmers must learn good stroke technique, especially at the early stages of their development. We find that athletes who learn proper stroke technique will inherently swim faster and smarter races as they get stronger and mature. Year-round swimming will naturally improve physical fitness, but it will also improve other aspects of an athlete’s life.  Athletes tend to take the discipline, organization, work-ethic, time management, and goal setting skills they learn in our program with them to the classroom and thereafter in their place of employment. Even more, swimmers learn to handle successes and failures, positive reinforcement and instructive criticism, which in turn fosters a good work ethic and sportsmanship.

My child participates in other activities…

Will swimming be a huge commitment?

Depending on the program that your child is placed in, the commitment level for NAC varies quite a bit.  NAC is very careful about not overcommitting athletes too early on in their progress. With this, all of our swim programs are setup in a unique way that steadily increases as the child ages, grows, and matures. Whatever the interest level and availability of a child, NAC has a place for every type of swimmer.

Is it ok if my child misses a practice?

While consistency is key to the gradual development of the swimmer, our coaches understand that things do happen and your child is bound to miss practices here and there. The best way to handle missed practices is to notify the coach, especially when you know it will be recurring, so that they are aware and can better understand your child’s situation.

Can my child participate with NAC seasonally?

NAC has many opportunities and groups for the multi-sport athlete and those who are busy with school or other activities throughout the year.  Through our SwimFit Program, NAC offers seasonal groups, which run in sessions. Your child can swim in one or more seasons throughout the year, whatever works best with their schedule.  SwimFit also offers clinics at various times throughout the year, where your child can attend 1 or more hour-long swim sessions to learn or sharpen a specific swim skill.

Does my child need to give up other sports/activities to swim with NAC?

It is our vision to aim to build a solid swimming foundation through all of our programming, including learn-to-swim, fitness, or competitive swimming.  Our goal is to instill a love of swimming so that swimmers of all ages may utilize the sport as an opportunity for lifelong enrichment. With this, NAC is dedicated to providing many different swim programs that will allow children of all ages and abilities the opportunity to pursue swimming alongside their other interests. At the high-end of the Senior program (Senior 2 and 3) we do anticipate that athletes have swimming as their first and only athletic priority.

My child is not very competitive by nature….

Is NAC going to be too hard for them?

Our mission is to provide the finest swim instruction in the United States, through an intentional process based on education, safety, proper technique, personal achievement, and fun.  While NAC has the reputation of being the team where many high level athletes have called home, the club is tailored to allow every swimmer the opportunity to get as much out of swimming that their talent and desire will allow.  Swimmers are placed into the appropriate group and program where they will find the most success and be provided the best opportunity to build their swimming skills from the foundation upward. Where swimming becomes too hard is when a child is placed into a group that is not appropriate to their developmental level.  This is why our coaches are adamant about all new swimmers being evaluated and then placed into the appropriate group after attending a NAC Placement Trial. Additionally, the coaches are always evaluating the swimmers in their practice groups in order to determine when a swimmer is ready to move to the next level or to an alternate program.

Are swim meets mandatory?

Swim meets are highly recommended for all of our swimmers across the board. Meets are a great way for the child to build confidence in their abilities, as well as become physically stronger swimmers. What we have found over the years is that swimmers who do not participate in swim meets eventually lose interest in the sport. This is why we offer friendly competitions for our PreComp, SwimFit, and 10&under swimmers on the Competitive Team. Our NAC Discovery Meets are a great way for new and/or timid athletes to get their feet wet and test the waters in a low key swim meet environment. Conversely, NAC realizes the importance of quality competition for our high level athletes and the club is also known for hosting top-notch swim meets that consistently attracts teams from all over the country.

Does NAC offer learn-to-swim and/or non-competitive swim programs?

NAC does offer learn-to-swim through our Pre-Competitive program.  PreComp is a year-round learn-to-swim program that teaches the four competitive swim strokes and readies the child for swim team. This year-round approach gives the child the opportunity to really relax and develop an overall comfort level in the water that far surpasses the seasonal swim team experience. These young swimmers are still learning how to swim, but in an environment more like swim team. The NAC PreComp program is the bridge between swim lessons and swim team. It has also served as a benefit to those who have been introduced to the sport of swimming through summer league and desire to continue learning and find enjoyment through the sport year round. NAC also offers a SwimFit program for the child who is not ready or who is not yet interested in competitive swimming. Nonetheless, all of our PreComp graduates transition into NAC SwimFit, NAC Competitive Team, or their summer league team with newfound confidence and skills that set them apart. 

Do the swimmers have fun?

Most children love swimming!  While swim practice is very different than playing in the pool, young children still do love practicing swimming, especially when they are encouraged in their efforts and experience a sense of accomplishment from learning new skills or becoming stronger swimmers.  Our coaches understand the importance of fun in practice and they also understand that fun looks different for the varying levels and ages of our swimmers. With over 40 years of experience teaching swimming, there have been many generations of NAC families who have all been a part of the program in one way or another.  These families will tell you about the many fond memories that their swimmer had while being a part of this team. They will also tell you that swimming was a vehicle in which their child learned many life skills and built their character and drive to become the person they are today.

Do you have an alternate practice site other than Centennial Sportsplex?

NAC offers practices for specific groups at Boost FitClub off Highway 100 in west Nashville. Contact Sarah Wharam at speterson@swimnac.com to find out which groups are currently practicing at this site. Boost is a great alternative for families who live in the southern and western suburbs of Nashville.

Do you offer practices on the weekends?

Saturday practices are offered as a part of all of our Competitive Team groups.  We also have weekend options for PreComp and SwimFit.

NAC has accomplished a lot over the past 40 years…

What is the “Gold Medal” status that NAC has been awarded from USA Swimming?

The Gold Medal status is an award given to top-20 clubs in the country.  NAC is listed as #12 this year! This status also signifies the teams’ commitment to education, safety, proper technique, and more. Where all of these things come together, teams are awarded this status.

What are some of the team’s accomplishments?

NAC has been a leader in the Southeastern Swimming division, winning the SE Championships well over 40 times.  Nationally, NAC has been recognized by USA Swimming as a Gold Medal Club for 15 years; currently we are the only team in the Middle Tennessee area that has ever received this level of recognition.  NAC has produced numerous Olympians, Olympic Trial qualifiers, Senior and Junior National qualifiers, Sectional and Southeastern champions, as well as National Age Group record holders. With all of our accomplishments, we recognize that it is the quality of the entire program from start to finish, not just our elite level programming, that makes NAC a continual success.

Do I need to be an elite swimmer to join Nashville Aquatic Club?

NAC offers a variety of programs and levels in which swimmers can participate. Elite swimmers are the result of knowledgeable coaching and consistent training, which NAC has a long history of providing.  Each swimmer, no matter how elite, has started at the beginning where they have learned the basic fundamentals of swimming and a general love for the sport. NAC provides each of its athletes the opportunity to start from the very basics and advance to the most elite level.  No matter what your child’s current ability level is, you can rest assured that there is a place for them within the NAC program.

If my child is not one of the fastest swimmers, will he/she get any attention from the coach?

It is the mission of the NAC coaches to help each swimmer become the best swimmer they can be. Each child is different in their abilities, growth, and development, which factors in to their personal journey as a swimmer. The coaches understand this individualized process and thus are focused on teaching the character skills necessary, such as hard work, coachability, and personal achievement, to help each swimmer reach their potential at their own pace.

Do you focus on technique?

Proper swimming technique is the foundation of our curriculum. It is taught at all stages of our programs, but is emphasized at the beginner levels. It is our goal to help each swimmer develop proper stroke technique early on and learn to remain focused on maintaining that technique throughout their advancement through the program.

Do you offer private lessons?

Private lessons are not something that NAC typically recommends or finds useful for the long term development of the child as a swimmer. What private lessons can do is give the swimmer the false impression that swimming is a quick fix and not a gradual progression. It can also be very expensive. NAC is committed to hiring and training good coaches who work with our athletes on a weekly basis in practice to become better swimmers.

We are interested in joining NAC…

Where and when are NAC tryouts?

We offer scheduled placement trials seasonally in preparation for the fall, winter, spring and summer swim sessions. In addition, we do periodic placement trials upon request. Email evaluations@swimnac.com to schedule your placement trial today!

How do I determine if Nashville Aquatic Club is right for me?

First, check out our website at www.SwimNAC.com.  There you will find information about the club’s past, present, and outlook for the future.  Second, talk to a current NAC parent! Members currently involved in the program are a very useful and informative resource to find out more about the team.  Third, contact Sean Piper, NAC Age Group Coordinator, at spiper@swimnac.com to answer any questions you may have about the team.

Will my child be placed in a group with their friends?

Our priority is the individual athlete. We are always interested in putting an athlete in the best possible situation for them to thrive and be successful. It is a 100% win when we are able to do that for a swimmer. While we do keep in mind friendships and peer groups within our practice groups, it is our job to set the athlete up for success. Placing them in the appropriate group based upon strength, skills, and age is the best approach. It is important to be patient and trust the process. Oftentimes swimmers end up in the same group for periods of time along the journey.

How long will it take my child to progress?

The journey for each individual varies quite a bit. Each child is unique and thus they progress at different rates at different times in their lives. NAC is focused on the whole journey from start to graduation from the program. We believe that it is the process that builds character and patience in each individual child. While everyone’s journey will have their fair share of ups and downs, swimming is merely a vehicle for each child to learn a multitude of life skills along the way; things they will carry with them the rest of their lives.

Does NAC have a volunteer requirement for parents?

Nashville Aquatic Club is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  With this, NAC is committed to hosting swim meets, which have become our biggest fundraisers.  Hosting swim meets allows the team to keep the costs down for our families. We are very fortunate that we are able to host some pretty big meets here locally at Centennial Sportsplex, our home practice facility,  which is also the largest facility and fastest pool in Middle Tennessee. Not only do our NAC Hosted meets support the team financially, but they also allow our families to stay in town and not have to travel and incur those additional expenses on a regular basis.  This being said, it takes upwards of 400 parent volunteers to run a typical NAC Hosted meet. While we would love to NOT require parents to work a specific number of sessions in order to run our meets, the reality is that it is necessary in order to spread out the duties fairly amongst all of our families. Parents who support the team and their athlete by working swim meets almost always walk away with newfound friendships and a greater appreciation for the sport and all of the time and effort their child puts into swimming.

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