NAC Competitive Team

Our Vision

For children who are ready to transition out of swim lessons and onto a swim team. PreComp provides a fun and encouraging environment to bridge this gap. In this group we teach young swimmers proper swimming technique, how to practice in a group setting, how to be a good teammate, and how to work hard and be proud of their effort and progress.

Why PreComp?

PreComp Philosophy 

NAC’s PreCompetitive program focuses on introducing children ages 8&Under to what it will be like to be on a swim team.  The group focuses on learning the fundamentals of swimming, while also building self confidence and a love of the sport.  Coaches can be found  both on deck teaching to the group AND in the water providing individualized hands-on instruction to each swimmer.  Swimmers will learn proper technique in all four strokes, freestyle, backstroke, butterfly and breaststroke, while also building strength and confidence in their abilities.

Now that my child is swimming in a group, will they still get individualized attention?

While a PreComp practice group is larger than most swim lesson groups, each swimmer will actually have more opportunity within the practice to develop skills and become stronger swimmers. PreComp is an age appropriate group that takes into account the need for swimmers who have advanced beyond learn-to-swim to build strength alongside continuing to develop proper technique.   


Where are PreComp practices held?

The PreComp practices at the Centennial Sportsplex located on 25th Avenue in Nashville & at BoostFit Club located on off Highway 100 in Belle Meade/Bellevue.


Competitive Team

Competitive Team





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