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SwimFit is a technique-based swimming fitness program that utilizes the same core principles of the NAC Competitive Team. NAC coaches will instruct swimmers on all four competitive strokes with the goal to gain endurance through drills and kicking. Athletes will also be instructed on racing skills such as dives, turns and streamlines. Everyone will leave feeling like they got a good workout and are part of a swim team. At the completion of each session, the swimmers will have the opportunity to compete in a practice meet, which will provide a positive environment to dive from the starting blocks, practice racing and show off newly learned skills. 

Why SwimFit?

Why do SwimFit?

SwimFit is a great opportunity for athletes who want to continue swimming after the completion of their summer league, middle school or high school season.  It is ideal for athletes who participate in multiple sports as a means to continue their progression of skills and overall strength throughout the year.  SwimFit can also can be the ideal avenue for swimmers to get onto the NAC competitive team, and ultimately is a great way to get introduced to the terminology, skills and technique-based  progression used throughout the NAC programs. Every level of SwimFit aims to provide a positive and fun learning environment for developing swimmers.

How Can I Join?

New to NAC? All athletes that are new to any NAC program (PreComp, SwimFit or NAC Competitive Team) must be evaluated by a member of the NAC coaching staff prior to registering or showing up for a practice. This assures that all swimmers are accounted for and insured in order to be in the water with a NAC swim coach. It also allows the team to ensure appropriate practice group sizes in relation to the resources and coaching staff. Please click below to find out more information regarding upcoming Placement Trials. 

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Where/when are SwimFit practices held?

The SwimFit groups practice at the Centennial Sportsplex located on 25th Avenue in Nashville and at BoostFit Club located off Highway 100 in Belle Meade/Bellevue.

If my child is placed, how many practices should he/she attend?

The staff will introduce skills, terminology and techniques that will aid in the progressions and development of each athlete in the group. Each SwimFit group has a given number of practices offered, based on the level, age and ability of the swimmers in the group. Athletes may attend all or only a selective number of days throughout the session. Depending on each athlete’s individual goal, attending the number of workouts offered will help them achieve those goals and progress more rapidly.

How many sessions will my swimmer attend?

Each athlete is very individual in their development and progression. Many swimmers spend multiple sessions in SwimFit, depending on the ultimate goal of each athlete.

Do I need to give up other sports if I swim with NAC?

NAC realizes that young children should participate in a variety of sports and activities. As a program, we want to foster the love of the sport while encouraging our athletes to stay engaged and develop coordination and athleticism on a variety of platforms. Many of our swimmers are very involved in other activities and have found a nice balance which allows them to continue swimming, while competing and staying involved in other activities.


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