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Theme:  Achieving to the level that their talent and desire will allow

Team Skills:  Focused, Tough, Committed, Proud


The RACE Group is for athletes who want to compete at USA Swimming meets, elevate their training, and become more competitive in the sport. RACE Group follows the NAC competitive team philosophy, with an understanding of different commitment levels and focuses outside of swimming. All athletes in RACE are given the tools be successful at the level they desire and their commitment level allows – High School swimming, Southeastern Championship, Southern Premier, and beyond.  Click here for an overview of the current practice schedules.  Specific weekly changes to the RACE Group schedule are available by clicking here.


The Senior 1 group is designed to take the skills and commitment consistently demonstrated by swimmers in the age group program and build on them with increased focus and intensity in practice. The goal of Senior 1 is to introduce swimmers to a training group environment where individual goals differ, but everyone strives to reach their own highest swimming potential. Ownership and accountability of their swimming, dryland, and performance is fostered to help them reach their goals. Swimmers have practice attendance requirements, with 5 or 6  practices a week required, which may differ based on each individual swimmer’s age, development and goals.


This is one of our elite training groups which prepare swimmers for Regional and National level competition. At this time strength training is increased, as well as training volumes and intensities. Swimmers are expected to attend all workouts at this level, as practices are designed specifically for individual race and stroke needs. Click here for current practice schedules.

Please contact Doug Wharam, Senior Coordinator, at for more information about our Senior 1, Senior 2 practice groups.


Competitive Team

Competitive Team





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