Team Preparation and National Team

The last two phases of the NAC Competitive Team are Team Preparation and the National Team. These two phases makeup the NAC Senior Program. Here is where athletes receive the finer tuning of their technique, while also building on their strength and endurance. Mental strategies of competitiveness and toughness are also explored and taught in these phases of the program. The skills learned in these phases include learning a process-based mindset, time management, character, mental toughness, and so much more. Many of these skills, while learned through the sport of swimming, translate into life-skills that our athletes learn during their time with NAC. Our Alumni continue to rave about all the ways that NAC has shaped them into the employee, community member, and person they are today. In all that we do, NAC is dedicated to forming the person 1st and the athlete 2nd.


Team Preparation is geared toward advanced swimmers as they prepare to achieve at their highest level of swimming potential. This stage encompasses the four core team skills of being focused, tough, committed and proud athletes. Swimmers in this phase continue to be guided in the fine tuning of their skill development but are also given the opportunity to train at their highest level of interest and ability. In this phase swimmers may either remain here as a final graduating point from the NAC Competitive Team, or they will progress to the NAC National Team.


National Team is for athletes whose talent and desire combine to propel them to the national and international level of swimming competition. This high-performance training group focuses on elite level training, competition, and commitment. Even though not all athletes will reach this level of achievement, NAC is committed to providing this opportunity for the elite level athletes in order that they too may reach their highest potential in the sport.

The practice groups that encompass these two phases are the RACE, Senior 1, Senior 2 and Senior 3 groups. The Head Coach, John Morse, and the Associate Head Coach, Doug Wharam, are in charge of ensuring the progression of these athletes is tailored to each individual athlete’s talent and desire. John and Doug are also charged with providing a professional, competitive, and enthusiastic atmosphere where the swimmers and coaches can continue to be motivated and passionate about the sport of swimming.