How is SwimFit split up?

SwimFit is split into 3 levels, SwimFit 1, SwimFit 2 & SwimFit 3. Each level offers a number of days and length of practice appropriate for the current level of the athlete, if consistent, to progress throughout the session.

Each level group (SF1 , Sf2, SF3) are split up by skill, and strength level within the practice, each day. Depending on the emphasis, a swimmer may swim with the top level, middle or lower level of the group on any given day

As a program, we coach to the highest end of the group and do not believe in a ceiling for any of our training groups- whether it be within PreComp, SwimFit or the competitive team. With that, we do have skill and strength parameters that we look at for an athlete to fall within to be successful at the next level. These parameters may ebb and flow, minimally, based on the group dynamic and upcoming session/season.

How do move up/move overs work?

Athletes will progress into the next SwimFit level or onto the competitive team when the coaching staff deems that an athlete has the physical, mental, and emotional capacity to make a successful transition to that level.

Every athlete is assessed individually to determine the best starting point and next level for them in their progression.

Unless notified before the priority registration opens for the next session, all athletes and parents should assume to register for the same practice group/program.

What is the timeline on move ups/when do they happen?

SwimFit athletes, as well as competitive team athletes, are primarily referred to the next level or program at the start of the fall, in December and/or springtime. Swimfit and PreComp transitions/move ups may happen within PreComp and SwimFit for the summer, but moves onto the competitive team are not as successful at that time of year out of those programs due to the nature of the long course season schedule.

How will I know if my swimmer is ready?

Email communication will be sent to you before priority registration opens for the upcoming session.

If a coach or coordinator reaches out to you regarding your athlete’s progress, please note that it is based on their knowledge of your athlete’s current skill and strength level, and putting them in the best situation to be challenged and successful as they take the next steps in the program.

How long will it take before my swimmer is ready to move to the competitive team/next level of SwimFit?

There is no set number of sessions or practices that we can give to you to gauge when or how long it will take an athlete to progress through. There are a multitude of skills, strokes, and factors that weigh into the progression of an athletes, so to give you a timeline or deadline for when it will/can happen would be a slippery slope of false predictions as we have no way of knowing when, or how long it will take for an athlete to develop. Development is non-linear, as is an athlete’s group progress within the program.

Your athlete’s journey belongs to the athlete!

As a coaching staff and program, our priority is the athlete. We are always interested in putting an athlete in the best possible situation for them to thrive and be successful. It is a 100% win when we are able to do that for a swimmer. Please keep in mind, comparing your athlete’s journey, progress, plateaus with another is not only a dangerous path but one where you almost always set your athlete up for failure. Comparison is not only an unfair assessment as each individual progresses differently, but is also the thief of joy when the focus needs to be on the best process for each athlete to help them be most successful.

If you have any questions about your athlete’s progress, what you may be able to expect when your athlete is ready to move up/over, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

We are here to help you all understand and provide an environment for your athlete to have a positive experience in swimming as a youth sport!