Team Discovery and Team Imagination

The first two phases of development of the NAC Competitive Team are Team Discovery and Team Imagination. These two phases make up the NAC Age Group program. This is where athletes learn much about the sport of swimming including the fundamentals of stroke technique, terminology, competitiveness, confidence, coachability, hard work, resilience, teamwork, and so much more. Many of these skills, while learned through the sport of swimming, translate into a child’s schooling. In all that we do, NAC is dedicated to forming the whole person within each of our athletes.

Team Discovery is aimed toward beginner to intermediate swimmers as they discover the sport.  The two key terms used for this phase are fun and fundamentals. Children will get to experience the fun and excitement of competitive swimming while also learning the fundamental swim skills that they can carry with them for as long as they swim. Practice groups are geared toward learning the basic swimming foundations that will be built upon as the swimmer progresses through the program. Swimmers are taught to be focused and proud of individual and team accomplishments.

Team Imagination is all about guiding the mind of intermediate to advanced swimmers as they imagine the possibilities for themselves within our sport.  At this stage the focus is on learning how to be tough and committed athletes. These skills translate into life-skills such as being a self-motivated, hardworking, person who is able to overcome adversity and persevere when things get hard. The swimmers in this phase are also learning about goal setting and the competitive process, helping them take their swimming to the next level.

The practice groups that encompass these two phases include the Green, White, Red and Blue groups. The Age Group Coordinator, Tony Carroll, is the person in charge of ensuring the progression of these athletes is both congruent and effective. Tony is also charged with building a culture of fun, energetic, excited swimmers and coaches who are both motivated and passionate about the sport of swimming.