We are so excited to welcome Cory Pierce to our NAC Coaching Staff this fall.

Coach Cory joins the Nashville Aquatic Club as the Age Group Assistant Coach and RACE Group Lead. He grew up in the Nashville area swimming for NAC and is excited to be back home. Cory is thrilled to work with all the current Nashville swimmers and share his passion and knowledge of the sport. Cory is happily married and enjoys fishing in his free time.

Prior to NAC, Cory was the lead senior coach with the Lakeside Seahawks in Louisville, Kentucky for five years. While there, Lakeside was awarded Gold Medal status four times within USA Swimming’s Club Excellence Program, he was Nominated KY Swimming Age Group Coach of the Year, and helped swimmers to Olympic Trials, Nationals, Open Water Nationals, Jr. Nationals, Sectionals, Zones, Open Water Zones, and Several Kentucky LSC Records.

Cory wanted to share in more detail his passion for swimming…

Some of my favorite memories come from swimming for NAC and I am so excited to be back. There have been several defining moments in coaching, but the most special moments have been when a former swimmer, now college athlete or student, comes by the pool or reaches out to you out of the blue to thank you. Whether it’s for being a positive influence in their life, for helping them through a hard time, or for making them mentally tougher than they ever knew, those moments are why I continue to coach. 

We cannot wait to see all the ways Cory will contribute to the team and help us in our mission of teaching our swimmers how to be Focused, Tough, Committed and Proud.