NAC Parents are the backbone of this team.  From running our NAC hosted meets to getting the swimmers to and from practice each night, NAC is held up by these men and women who believe in our mission and are dedicated to our initiatives.  We recognize and are so grateful for each and every parent who has helped support our mission throughout the years.

Currently we have one “veteran” family who has been with the club for almost 20 years, the Case family.  Parents, Wendy and Jeff Case are proud NAC parents who work hard to maintain the standard of running some of the finest swim meets in the country here at NAC.  Jeff is the Colorado Coordinator and helps organize and train new parents on this position.  While Wendy is the On-Site MeetCrew Coordinator who checks in all the workers, organizes the timers, awards, t-shirt sales and anything else that is needed.

Considering the family’s long history with the team and expansive knowledge and experience running NAC meets, we have interviewed Wendy in order to get a glimpse of their journey.  This is the first in a series that we are calling “A Parent’s Perspective”.

Tell us a little about your children and their involvement with NAC…

Our family has been with NAC coming up on 19 years in August. All 4 of my children have gone through the program Ashley 29, Alexis 23, Larabeth 20, and Maddie 15. NAC has been such an important part of their daily lives.  There have been many “out of the water” lessons that NAC has taught them including time management, discipline, organizational skills, persistence, how to be a good teammate, toughness, how to follow directions, how to win with grace, how to lose with grace, how to communicate with an adult other than a parent, how to navigate through the highs and lows of the sport, how to take care of your body properly and oh yea… how to swim 😉!

Has NAC changed at all over the years?

Over the past 19 years of our involvement with NAC, we have seen the club become more encompassing of the whole family.  The program has always been superior and that hasn’t changed one bit, but what has happened is NAC has expanded to provide something for everyone that loves the water.  

What motivated you to get involved in MeetCrew?

Well I would like to say something really special motivated me to get involved, but the truth is I am a terrible swim mom when it comes to sitting in the stands and I become so nervous before one of them would swim so I decided not to watch.  Working kept me from watching and once I started working, I just loved it. I have made the best friends and have so enjoyed getting to know all the NAC families, they have become my Family. I see now that my working also shows my kids that I’m vested in the program and I believe in the NAC philosophy.

Do you have any advice For new parents?

Know that you have picked the best program out there.  Give your swimmer lots of praise (no pointers) no matter how good or bad the race or practice.  There will be valleys and mountains with this sport, learn to embrace both. Get involved, you will like the sport better.  And always have a spare suit in the car…..Always!