Has your pain been consistent for greater than 2 weeks? Are you taking medication to make it through practice regularly? Do you have to stop or modify more practices regularly? Answering yes to one of these questions is a great place to start. There are several reasons for joint and muscle fatigue/pain while competing as a high level swimmer. Some of the normal reasons include making a stroke change, starting long course training, bridging up into a new group, starting a weight training program, and heavy training periods such as Christmas break. But, there should always be “a reason” for fatigue or pain. Each athlete should expect fatigue/ burning/ and muscle break down throughout training cycles as they try to improve themselves. Using ice to treat daily soreness along with correctly completing dry land/ weight training programs will ensure healthy growth. Communicating with the coaching staff along with supportive staff is always a good idea for each athlete. Furthermore, if parents consistently hear their swimmers complaining, communicating prior to athletes needing to take time off, is always for the best. And, finally, if needed, NAC has partnerships set up with several healthcare professionals. These providers work in the swimming world and have a goal of getting your swimmers back into the pool as soon as possible.

Written by:

Casey White, PT, DPT, Cert MDT

Physiotherapist/Sports Injury Rehabilitation

STAR Physical Therapy Group

NAC Support Staff