This fall our Age Group Coordinator, Sean Piper, hosted 3 webinars for our age group parents who have swimmers in the Green, White, Red and Blue groups.  These webinars focused on topics such as group dynamics and expectations, swimming technique, introducing the assistant coaches and much more.  Parent education and communication is a high priority for us here at NAC and to be able to reach a broader audience through the use of technology is very exciting.  We hope this information is something our parents will come back to time and time again, so that we can work together, parents and coaches, in providing the athletes the best opportunity to achieve their highest level possible in this sport. If you have any questions about any of these topics, please feel free to reach out to Sean Piper at

September 10th – covered Sleep, Assistant Coaches, Swim Meets, and “what can you do as parents?”

September 3rd – covered Technique in Swimming, The Short Course Season, Expanding to Boost Fit Club

August 27th – covered Practice Preparation and Expectation, Swim Meet Sign Ups/Registration, Group Expectation Breakdown, and Coach Communication