The Nashville Aquatic Club philosophy focuses on long-term athlete development, which allows for gradual development of swimmers at the early stages and adaptations as they progress to help them reach a higher level of athletic excellence.  NAC is intentional about what our athletes are doing at each phase of the program, all with a focus on long-term development of the athlete and person.  The NAC Competitive Team fosters self-improvement, personal growth, and goal achievement.  As swimmers progress along this path, we teach athletes to take guided ownership in learning and applying focus, mental toughness, commitment, and pride in their team.  Values such as hard work, self-discipline and perseverance create a culture of motivated, positive athletes and team success.

The NAC Competitive Team is divided into 4 phases or teams:

Team Discovery
Team Imagination
Team Preparation
National Team

From a swimmer’s start in Team Discovery, the foundations of swimming are built upon as they grow and age up through the program. Each new team that a swimmer progresses through provides new avenues for personal achievement and skill development. NAC prides itself on being able to provide all of our athletes the ability to go as far in the sport of swimming as their talent and desire allow.

In the next few weeks, we will be discussing each of these teams in a little more detail.  We hope to provide a framework from which our families can better understand where their athlete is within the NAC Competitive Team and what opportunities lie ahead for them in the future.